Friday June 14th, 2024
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Egyptian Jude Benhalim Unearths ‘Whispers of the Valley’ Collection

In line with their latest rebranding and rebirth, the jewellery brand’s latest collection gives tribute to nature’s resilience and subdued strength.

Mai El Mokadem

Egyptian Jude Benhalim Unearths ‘Whispers of the Valley’ Collection

Deep from within the hollows and curves of the valley, a hush ensues, permeating through the rustic air and reaching deep within Cairo’s rubble streets to find shelter in Jude Benhalim’s workshop. The Egyptian jewellery brand has just released their newest collection, ‘Whispers of the Valley’, a fusion of earthy, textured handcrafted jewellery that echo this concept.

“It pays homage to the hidden strength found within the gentlest elements of nature. We sought to capture the delicate yet enduring touch of time that shapes our world,” Jude Benhalim, co-founder and creative director, shares with Scene Styled. “From the humble gravel to the imposing cliff, each piece in this collection reflects the harmonious blend of nature's strength and elegance.”

Softness and strength, texture and clusters, water and rocks. Jude Benhalim’s new collection is all about that graceful balance of gentle harshness. From the textured surfaces to the organic forms of the handcrafted jewellery, each piece is a sparkling token of the earth's buried magic that Benhalim artistically celebrates. For the first time, the brand introduces translucent resin stones as a material, part of their initiative to include newer techniques and materials. “The collection showcases the continued exploration and mastery of working with resin stones to create jewellery that beautifully balances nature's strength and elegance,” Benhalim elaborated on this material choice.

The crafty hands of the brand’s designers and melders mimic nature’s artistry. Polished 24k gold-plated brass and sterling silver are handcrafted into wearable ‘valleys’, adorned with hand-dyed, translucent resin stones. Granulated textures, spiralled clusters, and fluid movement evoke the valley's whispers, the central theme of the collection. The ‘Interchangeable Erosion Earrings’, the ‘Gravel Bracelet’, and the ‘Riverstone Necklace’ are some of the highlight pieces, maintaining the JB signature elements and staying true to their identity with a twist of innovation. The brand goes as far as including cuffs and ear caps, widening their portfolio beyond just necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

“Summer holds a special place in my heart,” Benhalim tells us.“The jewellery embodies the spirit of the season, with its visual journey through outdoor landscapes and serene lakeshores.”

For Benhalim, rebranding in the beginning of 2024 meant reimagining their vision and aesthetic in a way that still remained relevant and true to who they are. “Revisiting what we stand for as a brand meant that we had to strip back and start from scratch,” the co-founder revealed. This redirection meant that they got to play around with their design and product innovation, as we previously mentioned with their usage of the resin stones. "Whispers of the Valley is the most authentic collection we've released to date. What's special about it is that it represents both the innovative spirit we've embraced while maintaining what's important to us as a brand,” Benhalim concludes.

The collection is now available at Jude Benhalim boutiques in Egypt, online, and on Ounass.


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