Friday June 14th, 2024
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Cairo-Based Sole & Co Crafts Quality Footwear For the Modern Man

“We believe the Egyptian market has the potential to compete with international luxury brands.”

Mai El Mokadem

Cairo-Based Sole & Co Crafts Quality Footwear For the Modern Man

“My mission is to have Sole & Co become the first resort for men’s footwear- locally and regionally.”

Mohamed Hassaneine, founder of the Egyptian brand Sole & Co, possessed both the passion and vision necessary to redefine men's footwear and its standard of quality. Despite launching the brand just three months ago, Sole & Co has already made significant strides in the industry. “Sole & Co is about a passion turned into business,” Hassaneine tells Scene Styled. “I always had a dream to launch a men's footwear brand that is locally made, yet competes with international luxury brands.”

Prioritising quality and comfort, Sole & Co is crafted by professionals and dedicated footwear designers. “Made with authentic Italian soles and genuine leather, we ensure that the fashion-forward statement our shoes create is also a comfortable journey. They are made to last forever.” How does the footwear brand make this possible? Hassaneine oversees the production process, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship at every step, from material sourcing to shoe construction and the sharp, sleek branding. “We stamp pure passion into every Sole.”

“Quality and comfort are commitments we take very seriously,” says Hassaneine with a stern tone that matches his dedication. This is no laughing matter for the founder, who fought tirelessly to achieve this level of excellence. “The biggest challenge was attaining the highest quality and finishing after years of experimenting with samples; this process, in particular, posed the biggest obstacle due to the scarcity of high-end craftsmanship." The challenges didn't stop there for Hassaneine. "It was also difficult convincing consumers that we could indeed produce high-quality shoes that rival international brands.”

Studying every aspect of the market, the founder also recognized the challenges of online shopping, particularly when it comes to shoes and sizing. “This is why we offer the option to try the shoes on at the door and provide different sizes and models for more choices,” he explains, detailing the thoughtful delivery process. This approach has resulted in a positive experience for their consumers, evident in their repeat purchases and loyalty. “For me, the most rewarding feeling is receiving feedback from customers. After only three months of launching, we've received incredible word of mouth and have customers coming back.”

When asked to define the brand's aesthetic, Hassaneine succinctly described it with three poignant words: “Timeless, elegant, bold.” From their Leather Loafers to Derby Shoes, their classic footwear could easily grace the set of Mad Men, while their edgier Chelsea Boots or Derby Boots might be favoured by the more rebellious characters on TV. Sole & Co caters to both formal and smart casual styles, with some products leaning towards a more rugged aesthetic for those with a taste for adventure. “I aim to elevate the aesthetics of Egyptian men and men in the region, while pushing their style boundaries to new heights as a preview of what's to come.”

Regarding plans for the future, Hassaneine shared, “We're aiming to expand nationally through various concept stores and online platforms, as well as showcase our collections at international exhibitions, with the ultimate goal of exporting to global markets.” However, his aspirations extend beyond commercial success, “we hope to instil greater confidence in Egyptian products among consumers.”


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