Monday May 27th, 2024
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WORD: ElNasser - TAYEH

Egyptian rapper, producer and sound engineer ElNasser delves into the making of his latest track ‘TAYEH’

Scene Noise

WORD: ElNasser - TAYEH

In the latest WORD, Nasser Abdelrahman, also known as ElNasser, elucidates the meaning behind his latest track, ‘Tayeh’, which explores themes of introspection, delving into his favorite verses on the track, and guiding us through the creation of the beat.

ElNasser, a producer, rapper, and sound engineer, has established himself in the Egyptian hip-hop scene. Collaborating with renowned artists such as Bu Kulthom, Emsallam, and Lege-Cy, he is recognized for his unconventional approach to hip-hop. This is evident in his experimental beat-making process and distinctive songwriting, which often features intricate rhyme schemes, punchlines, and thought-provoking lyrics.

WORD is SceneNoise’s series where we invite artists from across MENA to enlighten us with the meaning behind their most iconic verses, offering a glimpse into their writing process.


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