Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Morocco’s Multi-Sensory Music Festival Timelapse Returns to Bouznika

The festival features a mammoth lineup of over 55 international and regional artists to perform across three stages.

Riham Issa

Morocco’s Multi-Sensory Music Festival Timelapse Returns to Bouznika

Morocco’s Multi-sensory Dance Music Festival Timelapse is gearing up for its second edition from April 19th to 21st, with a mammoth lineup of over 55 international and regional artists to perform across three stages.

Set to take place in the coastal city of Bouznika, a cultural treasure trove nestled between Morocco’s vibrant cities of Casablanca and Rabat, the three-day festival is bringing 36 hours of music, offering an eclectic blend of sound and visual art along with interactive activities.

Since its inception, the Timelapse Festival has been playing a pivotal role as a catalyst for Morocco’s music scene, with its unwavering commitment to amplifying emerging regional talents and ushering them to the global spotlight. From its ethereal beachfront location and the thumping lineup curation to 3D visuals and diverse stages and interactive activations, Timelapse finds itself at an intersection of multiple art forms which beautifully showcase the breadth of Morocco’s musical culture.“We wanted to create a festival that feels like an immersive journey to another world, where every moment you experience and every tune you listen to stick with you long after the weekend… It’s all about giving people a place where they can truly connect, not just with music but with each other too”, Khairi tells SceneNoise.

The festival will see Chilean-born German electronic music producer and DJ Ricardo Villalobos – one of the most prominent figures in the global minimal techno scene, French electronic artist NTO, and Zamna Soundsystem, making their Morocco debut.

The 2024 lineup also features an ensemble of regional and local artists the likes of France-based artist, Distrikt Paris’ founder ANTAM Records resident DJ, Bassam, and Adam Dirk’heim, one of Morocco’s electronic music scene pioneers, along with Casablanca’s homeboy and Moga Festival’s Co-founder, DAOX, as well as the Co-founder and creative director of Timelapse festival himself, Nader Khairi, aka NDRK.

This year’s edition of Timelapse will also feature a new stage - the Time/Space stage dedicated to record labels' takeovers for the first time, aiming to offer attendees an intimate glimpse into the regional sounds of some of the most influential labels, like Distrikt Paris and SQNC. “With the label takeover stages… we are not only aiming to make the festival’s journey more intimate and showcase the souls and stories behind these labels, we are also celebrating the diverse sounds of regional and local talents”, Khairi, Co-founder of Timelapse, tells SceneNoise, “It’s our way of saying ‘This is us, this is our music, and it’s spectacular”.Meanwhile, Barcelona’s The Other Side label will be taking over Timelapse's main stage with an exclusive showcase headlined by renowned German DJ Ricardo Villalobos. The showcase will also feature some notable names from the global underground music scene such as Swiss sensation DJ/music producer Sonja Moonear, Germany’s very own Thomas Franzmann, aka Zip, and The Other Side’s owner, Palestinian DJ Maher Daniel.

The festival will feature creative zones and sound healing sessions, along with various food trucks and bars for you to fuel up your grotesque dance moves. There will also be a Creator’s Space, a vibrant hub for innovation and craftsmanship, where festival-goers can customize exclusive festival merch, fashion garments, and different art pieces. The space will also host a series of workshops and meet-and-greats.

Accommodation is available for attendees at the venue in Vichy Célestins Hotel in Bouznika. For tickets and more info head to


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