Friday June 14th, 2024
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Eurovision Rebukes Palestinian Artist Eric Saade For Wearing Keffiyeh

The Palestinian-Swedish singer opened the contest’s first semi-finals with a performance of his track ‘Popular’.

Riham Issa

Eurovision Rebukes Palestinian Artist Eric Saade For Wearing Keffiyeh

Eurovision, the world’s longest-running annual televised international music competition, has reprimanded Palestinian-Swedish singer Eric Saade for wearing a keffiyeh on his wrist during his performance at the contest.

“I got that Keffiyeh from my dad when I was a little boy, to never forget where the family comes from,” Eric shared on his Instagram stories. “I just wanted to wear something that is authentic to me, but the EBU seems to think my ethnicity is controversial.”

As the opening act during the first semi-final of the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, Eric Saade delivered an electrifying performance of his hit song ‘Popular’, which he previously performed on Eurovision in 2011. The organisers have decided not to publish Saade’s 2024 performance on their official social media accounts.

On the same night, Ireland’s Eurovision finalist, Bambie Thug, was ordered by the contest’s organisers to change their stage make-up, a body paint of written symbols in an ancient Celtic script known as Ogham which translated to ‘Ceasefire’ and ‘Freedom for Palestine’.  

Meanwhile, several viral videos on social media showed the audience at the contest booing and chanting ‘Free Palestine’ during dress rehearsals of Israeli contestant Eden Golan on the second night of the semi-final.


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