Monday May 27th, 2024
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Cairo's Yellow Tape Hosts Vinyl & Digital Mixing Courses this Ramadan

The intensive courses cover everything aspiring DJs need to master their sets, from an intro to CDJ and Deck set-up to the mechanics of turntables.

Riham Issa

Cairo's Yellow Tape Hosts Vinyl & Digital Mixing Courses this Ramadan

Cairo record store Yellow Tape is hosting intensive Vinyl and Digital mixing courses for aspiring DJs throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

The digital mixing course is taught by Yellow Tape’s resident DJ and team member Nour Fahmy, and consists of four weekly sessions. It covers everything aspiring DJs need to enhance their sets, from an introduction to the CDJ and Deck setup to cueing, beat matching and mixing techniques.

Meanwhile, the vinyl or analog mixing course consists of eight sessions, with two classes per week. The course is taught by Yellow Tape’s co-founder, Hazem Hossam, taking students from the history of vinyl records through the mechanics of the turntable and its components, and into the construction of sets.

Both courses’ curricula provide students with tips on digging and researching for different types of records and music, as well as plenty of time to practice, to help them feel confident and comfortable whilst performing behind the decks.

Since its inception in 2021, Yellow Tape has been expanding its space into a music and arts hub, hosting multiple exhibitions, showcases, and performances from some of the most prominent figures in the local and global music scene. Simultaneously, the coveted store has been offering a series of educational workshops, the first of which is vinyl mixing, “We initially started by hosting the Strictly Vinyl courses It was Ahmed Samy’s initiative that sort of got the ball rolling on us teaching in general”  Mira, Yellow Tape’s store and social media manager and curator, tells SceneNoise.

The courses are open for all levels, with no prior experience required. For booking and registration, fill out the form on Yellow Tape’s website.


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