Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Jotun Egypt Opens Modern Windows to the Past at Cairo Citadel

Unveiled in Cairo Design Week, the installation asks for renowned Egyptian design firms to reinterpret Cairene windows.

Karim Abdullatif

Jotun Egypt Opens Modern Windows to the Past at Cairo Citadel

During the second edition of Cairo Design Week, Jotun Egypt unveiled its captivating booth within the Cairo Citadel, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in culture, architecture and nostalgia. Known for its distinctive aesthetic characterised by intricate windows and shutters, Cairo holds a unique charm reflected in such architectural features. Drawing inspiration from these iconic shutters, Jotun Egypt crafted a booth that delves into the essence of Cairo’s windows, peeling back layers of history through the lens of renowned Egyptian designers.

Central to the booth’s design is the colour ‘Cairo’, a tribute by Jotun Egypt to the city, specially launched for this booth, infusing the exhibition with an authentic sense of place and identity.

Jotun Egypt collaborated with four design studios to reimagine Cairo’s windows using the company’s fresh colour palette. Each designer was given a dedicated space within the booth, transformed into individual spaces offering bespoke experiences that engage the senses, from music and scent to styling, akin to curated window displays.

With a commanding view of Muhammed Ali Mosque from the front and a panoramic vista of Old Cairo from the side, the booth comprises four distinct rooms and a deck. Real and faux windows adorn these spaces, some revealing glimpses into interior scenes while others hold hidden treasures of nostalgic reflection.

Mona Hussein Design House presents ‘The Thin Line in Between’, a futuristic yet nostalgically infused room celebrating the interplay of old and new. Meanwhile Oculus, a firm by Raef Fahmy and Sally Kamel, invites guests to experience ‘The Sycamore Tree’, where senses are engaged in a poignant journey culminating in the radiant promise of the future symbolised by sunlight streaming through a window.

Progressive Architects offers ‘Optical Optimism’, a reinterpretation of mashrabiyas and coloured glass windows inspired by Jotun’s colours, overlooking the Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hasan. Finally, Kanjo Design Studio presents ‘The Archive Room’, an interactive space evoking nostalgia through curated souvenirs and forgotten relics, inviting visitors of all backgrounds to connect with the installations on a personal level.


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