Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Your Guide to the Best Hamam in Cairo

A heavily researched map of the stuffed pigeons of Cairo.

Layla Raik

Your Guide to the Best Hamam in Cairo

Symbolically, pigeons signify peace. At Egyptian dinner tables, the birds take their emblematic hats off and are instead stuffed with seasoned rice, and thrown into a pan with baladi ghee, bringing many people an inner peace unachievable by any other dish. In fact, the stuffed pigeon feast has long been the ender of dinner table feuds, calming down angry uncles and soothing the heartache of worrying mothers. It is, as a result, an indispensable cornerstone of Egyptian cuisine. In other words, it’s our pride and joy.

Now, since it’s perhaps slightly impolite to appear unannounced at your aunt’s door every week, asking for her impeccable ‘hamam’, we’ve taken matters into our own hands, scavenging the streets of Cairo for only the best, most deliciously sizzling hamam. Feast your eyes (then your tongues)...

Kababgy Al-Azhar Farahat

Branches all over Cairo

Many a grill have dabbled in the art of hamam, and while most of them are pretty good at it, none get it quite as right as Farahat.

El Dahan

Branches all over Cairo

If, three seasons into the new sitcom you just started, you find yourself grappling with a ravenousness that refuses to be satiated with chips, remember that El Dahan’s stuffed pigeon is only a call - or a few taps - away.

Qasr El Kababgy

Branches all over Cairo

Qasr El Kababgy’s hamam is as addictive as their TikTok videos. 


El Daher, Abbassiyah

Characterised by the homey flavour of its dishes, Koko has won the hearts of many an expat - and, of course, their hamam is the most nostalgic of all.

Al Mohamady

Branches all over Cairo

Your endless supply of deep-fried stuffed pigeons, here to satisfy your cravings for more fried birds the Mohamady way. 

Hamam Abdo

Arena Mall, New Cairo

Delicious, authentic hamam in a dish that fits your Instagram feed. Who could want more?


Hegaz St., Heliopolis

Originally a hamam delivery service, Hamamshi has since grown, fuelled by hardcore hamam fans like you and I, into a fully-fledged walk-in hamam heaven. 

Qasr El Hamam

Shoubra, Cairo

All it takes is one person, one pigeon and one pigeon-dedicated palace to make a beautiful love story (in your belly).


Almaza, Heliopolis

The oriental expanse that makes up 7agogah has become associated in our heads with delicious mashweyat and even more delicious hamam. 

Haty El Gomhoreya

Bab El Louk, Downtown Cairo

Haty El Gomhoreya is straightforward. It’s not another mashweyat-hamam collab that has you questioning if they even have the goods (stuffed pigeons) on the menu - it’s primarily famous for them. 

El Rayeq

Laselky St., Maadi

I might be biased because I share a last name with this spot, and because its visits come wrapped in a scenic walk through green Maadi, but El Rayeq’s hamam is a complete, delectable experience.


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