Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Top 8 Places To Eat At the New J1 Beach in Dubai

With three world-renowned beach clubs and 10 cuisine-crossing restaurants, J1 Beach is looking like the place to be this summer.

Patrick Davies

Top 8 Places To Eat At the New J1 Beach in Dubai

Soon to be a paradise for all of Dubai’s sun-loving gourmands, J1 Beach is set to open later this year, bringing the spirit of the Italian Riviera to half a kilometre of the Emirate’s glorious golden coastline.

Many of us were saddened by the loss of Dubai’s beloved ‘La Mer’, bemoaning what we would do without that special stretch of sweet sunkissed shoreline. Catering to those of us on the lookout for a new summer hotspot and promising to rid us of torrential rains and chilly gusts of wind, J1 Beach is bringing its A-game with three beach clubs and 10 restaurants to delight even the most demanding of Dubai’s denizens.

Internationally-acclaimed beach clubs Bâoli, Gigi Rigolatto and Sirene Beach will offer up pools, sun loungers and beach access galore for all those who just can’t get enough of the sea breeze, the lapping waves and the sun’s rays.

And when your stomachs call for sumptuous long lunches or decadent dinner experiences, an eclectic mix of cuisines from J1 Beach’s restaurants is sure to leave no palette wanting more. From France-born Mediterranean restaurant African Queen and Lebanese fusion concept Almayass by the Sea, to Asian-Polynesian eatery Kaimana and Spain-inspired venue Lúnico, here are J1 Beach’s most exciting culinary openings, offering indecisiveness-inducing menus and mixology masterpieces.

African Queen

Chef Thierry Paludeto combines classic French cuisine with African flavours at African Queen, which is taking its well-established fine dining offerings outside Europe for the first time.


Amidst a secluded beach-barden oasis, this Asian fusion eatery, which bills itself as “an ode to imagination”, celebrates Asia’s unique flavour palettes and combinations, while pairing culinary concoctions with drinks that capture a harmony of spirits, spices, herbs and fruits.

Almayass by the Sea

A cherished Lebanese-Armenian family-run institution, Almayass celebrates the food of the diaspora. It’s also where you can dive into a seafood menu filled with mezze-style creations, fresh ingredients, and a harmony of flavours.


With a name inspired by the French caramelised delight found on beaches in the South of France, Chouchou is where the elegance of the Riviera and Dubai's shimmering shoreline meet. French cuisine is complimented by exclusive artist performances, set against the backdrop of vibrant sunsets.


The third outpost of Michelin-starred restaurant Sakhalin, J1 Beach’s edition expertly marries local and Far Eastern flavour profiles with Mediterranean and Asian recipes.

La Baia by the Beach

Bringing Italy’s Amalfi Coast to Dubai, La Baia by The Beach is a refined Italian restaurant inspired by the Italian Riviera and its charming seaside towns, renowned for their charming character and instantly recognizable cuisine.

Kaimana Beach

Kaimana, which translates to “spirit of the ocean”, offers an indulgent Asian-Polynesian menu of delectable tropical dishes all within the immersive and captivating ambiance of a beachfront setting.


A blissful marriage of tradition and innovation, Lúnico is equipped with top-tier chefs, ready to serve up fresh takes on Spanish-Mediterranean dining, while infusing timeless regional cuisine with lively, modern flavours.


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