Sunday May 19th, 2024
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This Cloud Bakery Delivers Naturally-Sweetened Desserts All Over Cairo

This is our new Roman empire…

Riham Issa

This Cloud Bakery Delivers Naturally-Sweetened Desserts All Over Cairo

If I were to envision a year of rest and relaxation, it would likely involve leisurely lounging in the comfort of my sacred abode, perpetually lost in the velvety layers of luscious cream oozing between golden sheets of flaky puff pastry. Alternatively, surrendering to the temptation of one too many fudgy brownies might be on the agenda. In either case, my year would invariably revolve around desserts, simply because within those fleeting yet comforting moments of savouring a sweet treat, one can truly experience ethereal, childlike sparks of joy.

However, like a sleepy tiger slouching towards Bethlehem, my untamed and insatiable sweet tooth, and the subsequent indulgence in sugary concoctions, often leaves me teetering on the edge of fatigue, succumbing to all-encompassing drowsiness as I grapple with daunting heart palpitations. So, when an aimless 3 AM scroll through my Instagram feed led me to the serendipitous discovery of the cloud bakery Honey Healthy Desserts, it felt as though the odds might finally be in my favour.

From dainty fluffy carrot cake muffins with velvety cream cheese frosting and decadent chocolate brownies to crunchy peanut butter granola bars and chewy energy balls dusted with coconut shavings, Honey Healthy Desserts has been supplying every Cairene’s household with an array of gluten-free, preservative-free, and naturally sweetened healthy delicacies. 

“I continuously struggled with my weight, and I wanted to channel my energy into something productive which would not only benefit myself but also bring joy into people’s lives,” Lobna Mohamed Abbas, founder and CEO of Honey Healthy Desserts tells Scene Eats. As a full-time mom approaching an impending empty nest and long struggling with her weight, she sought to create health-conscious desserts offering a delicate balance between nourishment and delectable flavours.

Armed with honey, her favourite natural ingredient, and fueled by her deep-seated passion for handcrafting healthy desserts with non-artificial ingredients to align with her fitness goals, Lobna launched her cloud bakery, Honey Healthy Desserts, in 2018. This challenged our perceived notions of sugar-free desserts with her sumptuous sweet creations not only filled with nutrition but also bursting with tantalising flavours and textures.

“I tried to find healthy alternatives to white flour, sugar, and fats. It was a journey filled with trial and error, but eventually, we perfected recipes that not only offered beneficial nutrients but also rivalled the taste of their regular sugary counterparts,” Abbas continues.

While Honey Healthy Desserts’ offerings are extensive, what caught our eyes and secured a space in our hearts is their signature brownies. The small square-shaped morsels of chocolate bliss effortlessly tick all the right boxes of the quintessential classic dessert, from their perfect dense and fudgy texture to their slightly crispy crust – a feat that demands mastery. “It was one of the first recipes we experimented with... My daughter and I are avid chocolate lovers. So, I wanted to create a healthier option to satisfy our cravings, and now they have become one of our bestsellers!” Abbas recalls.

With her unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products, Lobna remains deeply involved in every step of the process of crafting her Honey Healthy Desserts, from baking to artful packaging. “We bake all of our products upon order, using only fresh ingredients to ensure our customers receive the freshest quality desserts.”

While you can indulge your heart in Honey Healthy Desserts’ bites at any time of any day at your home by ordering through their DMs on Instagram, Abbas has bigger plans to showcase their products in grocery stores across Cairo. So, make sure to keep a vigilant eye out for their honey-sweetened delights on your next grocery shopping excursion, besties!


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