Monday April 22nd, 2024
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The Good Mill Mills All-Healthy Wheat-Free Food Without the Hassle

If health is the new wealth, this health house is a Mill of gold.

Layla Raik

The Good Mill Mills All-Healthy Wheat-Free Food Without the Hassle

With an onslaught of healthy eating tips and detox remedies coming into our lives at every possible entryway - our social media feeds, friends, books, holistic doctors and, of course, friends of our mothers - we have had no choice but to dip our toes into the sea of healthy eating. However, unfortunately, the case has been that we often withdraw said toes from the icy water nearly immediately, having tasted the strange texture of the keto cake we attempted to make or the bitter aftertaste of what was supposed to be chocolate chip cookies.

The truth is, as much as we want to join the wellness cult, cooking healthy takes skill, and it’s not an easy path to venture out on unsupported. Thankfully, though, we’ve found our crutch: the Good Mill, an entirely wheat-free mill offering a variety of products that are making our transition to healthy eating much easier.

A stroll through the Good Mill website will have curious shoppers on the brink of a wellness revolution perusing a selection of wheat-free mixes, oatmeal sachets, granola concoctions and nut selections - some even coming in single-serve cups. These products, all dubbed Good on the Egyptian mill’s website, cover a range of flavours to ensure there’s something for everyone - from chocolate chip to almond to strawberry.

Out of all their products, the Good Mill mixes are what caught our eye the most. These tins of chocolate chip cookie, almond cake, pancake and brownie mixes have saved our kitchens from burning down countless times, as our inner (inexperienced) chef maintains their culinary integrity. When someone asks, we can proudly say that these cookies are not, in fact, store bought - they’re handmade. And they’re gluten-free. Hair flick.

Their more ready products (as in, products you can devour straight from the bag) are perfect breakfast companions. Mornings just become so much more optimistic when your pantry holds tins of coconut cranberry and pecan maple granola sitting next to double chocolate and vanilla almond boxes of oatmeal in exchange for the usual cereal, don’t you think? The Good Mill has us wondering if, perhaps, after all this time, the healthy choice is actually tastier…


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