Monday May 27th, 2024
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The Best 9 Foul Carts in Cairo - A Guide to Making Your Suhoor Count

SceneEats knows streets. The proof? This comprehensive guide to foul cart hopping in Cairo.

Layla Raik

The Best 9 Foul Carts in Cairo - A Guide to Making Your Suhoor Count

Nothing beats street food. And what’s more emblematic of street food in Egypt than the classic foul cart? While you’re too busy stressing over that fancy reservation you made nine months ago, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Cairo’s top nine foul carts. This one’s for suhoor outings that count…

El Karabegy | Port Said St., Sayeda Zeinab

To be honest, this is kind of a tourist spot. But it’s the kind of tourist spot only tourists who have Egyptian friends or an amazing tour guide can find out about. I mean, it’s an ancient foul cart serving delectable sandwiches in the history-heavy air of Sayeda Zeinab. What more could you want?

A‘am Attia | St. 250, Maadi

Having perfected his spicing techniques down to an art, A’am Attia has made himself a fan-favourite of Maadi residents, who, even when they switch turfs, continue to travel to his cart for servings of falafel.

Wahid | Al Qabisi St., Ramsis

Located at the busy, busy heart of the city, Wahid encapsulates the Cairo experience at its most genuine, with people nearly stepping over you as you indulge in delicious pickled aubergine.

Mahrous | Qasr El Nil, Garden City

Dubbed the “chicest plate of foul in Garden City,” Mahrous sits comfortably in its spot as the area’s designated suhoor spot, one that even ‘Hawanem Garden City’ can’t resist.

Hamada | Ankara St., Sheraton

Hamada is more of an upscale foul cart, one that grew into a dine-in eatery. Besides the usual foul, falafel and batates, Hamada also offers refreshing smoothies that can prepare you for the day ahead.

Saad El Haramy | Champolion Rd., Downtown Cairo

We’re not exactly sure why Saad got the reputation he did but, in our experience, the only viable explanation is that he stole everyone’s hearts like he stole ours.

Ahmed Wimby | Ahmed Salem St., Imbaba

Wimby has been described by visitors as being a “masterpiece” - and it indeed is a stunning tapestry of oriental dishes. The fact that Sir Ahmed Wimby had to open more branches in Giza merely goes to show how loved his falafel sandwiches really are.

Abdo Dollar | Selim Al Awal St., Ain Shams

Die-hard Dollar fans know that the cart is at its best after 2 AM. This one’s for the rascals, those who can’t be bound by a regular sleep schedule and, most importantly, people who love a good Foul Bel Beid sandwich.

Talaet Yonan | Abou El Mahasen, Agouza

Sitting in the shadow of Talaet Yonan’s greatness as we gobbled down sandwich after sandwich of fava beans has come to represent one of our favourite Ramadan memories.


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