Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Pier 88 Group’s Khufu’s Bistro is a Culinary Love Letter to Egypt

This quaint expansion offers the same sprawling Pyramid views but in a more intimate setting.

Farida El Shafie

Pier 88 Group’s Khufu’s Bistro is a Culinary Love Letter to Egypt

In the midst of Egypt's bustling food scene, there's a growing interest in moving away from the global allure of pre-packaged takeout in order to move towards traditional fare. As our food culture grows richer with age, those who’ve devoured its varied offerings know the importance of reverting back to basics and recognising it for what it truly is: a cultural connective tissue. Understanding the importance of said movement, Giovanni Bolandrini, an experienced Italian restaurateur, collaborated with Egyptian chef, Mostafa Seif, and industry experts to create a culinary tribute to Egyptian culture: Khufu’s Restaurant at the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Khufu’s, launched in 2022, is a pioneering concept that transforms the pyramid experience into a culinary journey. The historic site, one of the world's last ancient wonders, is now a place to savour and admire. Subsequent to garnering global success, Khufu’s went on to expand its concrete-clad exteriors and develop Khufu’s Bistro - a completely different concept that fuses Mediterranean cuisine with Egyptian delicacies. Khufu’s top floor bistro is meant to harbour a familial feel, with cosy interiors in varying neutrals and unobstructed views of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Whilst Khufu’s restaurant has grown into its repertoire as a dazzling afternoon escape, Khufu’s bistro is taking on the role of the intimate counterpart.

The menu itself does not shy away from sinking its teeth into a multitude of different flavours. A traditional plateful of foul and tahini is hard to contend with for most seasoned palettes, however, when paired with tuna tartare, new flavours are born; ones close to home and yet unfamiliar by nature. Eggplant dip is smoked with an emphasis on utilising the peel for extra flavour whilst platefuls of shish taouk are seared using Japanese cooking techniques and spices. Kofta is treated with extra care, trading the minced meat base for classic cut beef and a zesty salad-based sauce. Brioche buns line the table, pairing with the onslaught of fusion cuisine and adding sweetness to their squid muhammara. Those who prefer seafood will find comfort amidst Khufu bistro’s walls as their menu includes a smoked fish with olive oil and capers dish that comes topped with chilli and parsley.

As Khufu’s bistro prepares to open its doors to the public, it serves as a reminder of the communal nature of food and its innate ability to transcend international borders.


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