Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Here’s Everything Taking Place at Cairo Food Week 2024

For its second edition, Cairo Food Week is cooking up a storm across the city…

Farida El Shafie

Here’s Everything Taking Place at Cairo Food Week 2024

Egypt’s rich food culture colours its streets with red carts and its desert terrain with ochre-toned fine dining establishments. The depth and breadth of its offerings are too grand to map geographically, taking on the same winding borders that line the country cartographically. Cairo Food Week has long sought to capture this nuance, simultaneously looking within the city’s ecosystem and working closely with international counterparts to drive home a singular message: the local scene is a treasure trove of talent, knowledge, and resilience.

The heart of this movement steadily beats to the rhythm of collaboration, as chefs mingle with one another amidst unfamiliar stoves in pursuit of progress. The city itself will serve as a metaphorical dining table, inextricably linking views of the Pyramids with urban resto-bars and luxury hotels. In the run up to its second edition, we’ve curated a guide to everything simmering beneath this edition’s surface - from panels and talks to exhibits and diners.

The King's Feast: Tables of Eternity

📍: Grand Egyptian Museum

📅: Thu May 9th

On Cairo Food Week’s opening night, Egypt’s Alchemy Experience will collaborate with The Smokery and Chef Erwan Laurenceau for a decadent dining experience titled ‘The King's Feast: Tables of Eternity’.

Dual Exhibition: Threads & Does a River Shape a Table?

📍: Grand Egyptian Museum

📅: Fri May 10th

For the second day of Cairo Food Week, the Grand Egyptian Museum will host the opening of ‘Dual Exhibition: Threads (Curated by Mater, Peru) & Does a River Shape a Table? (Curated by Marwa Benhalim, Egypt)’ with scenography by Alchemy Experience.

'Cooking the Ecosystem' Gala Dinner

📍: Grand Egyptian Museum

📅: Fri May 10th

Cairo Food Week’s forthcoming 'Cooking the Ecosystem Gala Dinner' will feature a gastronomic feast orchestrated by the world-renowned Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez at the Grand Egyptian Museum, designed by Alchemy Experience and powered by Fairmont Nile City. Known as the mastermind behind the world’s #1 restaurant in 2023, Central, Martinez will artfully prepare a diverse array of Peruvian-inspired delicacies, alongside his innovative interpretations of Egyptian cuisine for guests to savour.

WHEN WE EAT Downtown Market

📍: The Factory, Downtown Cairo

📅: Sat May 11th & Tue May 14th

Curated by Cairo Cooking, the opening night of 'WHEN WE EAT Downtown Market' will feature delectable offerings by Jordanian chef Qais Malhas.

'Virgilio' Film Screening

📍: Tamara Haus, Downtown Cairo

📅: Sat May 11th

Delve deep into the culinary journey of Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez in his self-titled film ‘Virgilio,’ directed by Alfred Oliveri, highlighting the restauranter's works and livelihood.

'A Symphony of Taste' Dinner

📍: Garden 8's Umami, New Cairo

📅: Sat May 11th

Partake in a night of sumptuous cuisine with chefs Sara Aqel from Jordan, Mohamad Orfali from the UAE, and Egypt's very own Tarek Ibrahim in their hotly-anticipated 'A Symphony of Taste' dinner experience.

'Journey of a Chef' Dinner

📍: Buoy by Kiki's, New Cairo

📅: Sat May 11th

Gucci Osteria's Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo will be cooking up a slew of mouth-watering dishes alongside Buoy's very own chef Adam Kodovas during the 'Journey of a Chef' dinner experience.

'Journey of Ana' Dinner

📍: Pier88 Nile River

📅: Sun May 12th

Begin the new week with a dazzling dinner overlooking the Nile River, featuring platters crafted by Slovenian chef Ana Roš in a dinner experience titled, 'Journey of Ana'.

Four Season Nile Plaza Dinner

📅: Sun May 12th

Revel in the glistening waters of the Nile River while indulging in a luxury dinner experience featuring decadent cuisines prepared by Italian chef Riccardo Forapani and the hotel's very own chef Benat Alonso.

'Cucina Ambientale - Farm Edition' Dinner

📍: Natureworks Farm, 6th of October City

📅: Mon May 13th

Cairo Food Week’s 'Cucina Ambientale - Farm Edition' dinner experience will host mouth-watering concoctions by Italian chefs Francesco Brutto and Chiara Pavan.

'Tables at Talk' Dinner

📍: One Ninety's Lemon Tree & Co., New Cairo

📅: Mon May 13th

Held in beautiful New Cairo, this upcoming 'Tables That Talk' dinner event will host chefs Manu Buffara from Brazil, Sahar Al Awadhi from the UAE, and Egypt's very own Mirette Aly.

'Chefs on Fire' Dinner

📍: District 5's Kokomo, New Cairo

📅: Mon May 13th

Featuring chef Jessica Rosval and Joris Bijdendijk from The Netherlands, this upcoming 'Chefs on Fire' dinner experience is something you ought not miss.

'Neoclassics' Dinner

📍: Sachi Park St., Sheikh Zayed

📅: Mon May 13th

This delightful dinner experience will feature Turkish chef Maksut Aşkar hosted by Baky Hospitality Group Executive Officer and chef, Ali Ghadban.

'Precision & Purism' Dinner

📍: Four Seasons First Residence

📅: Mon May 13th

Happening in one of Egypt's most luxurious hotels, this decadent dinner experience will feature the most exquisite of cuisines by Dubai-based chef Gregoire Berger and Egyptian chef Karim Abdelrahman.

'Cucina Ambientale' Dinner

📍: Scalini, Palm Hills

📅: Wed May 15th

Palm Hills' Scalini will be home to a smorgasbord of delicious menu items by Italian chefs Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto alongside Scalini's chef Matteo Conti.

'Influenced by the Sea' Dinner

📍: Galambo, Palm Hills

📅: May 15th-May 16th

Over two consecutive days, Italian chef Moreno Cedroni will be hosting his 'Influenced by the Sea' dinner experience featuring a meticulously crafted sea-food menu.

'Pluricultural Cooking'

📍: Izakaya, Palm Hills

📅: May 15th-May 16th

This dinner will feature Colombian chef Alvaro Clavijo, Croatian chef Maša Salopek, and Egyptian chef Martin Rodriguez joining forces to present an array of fusion dishes.

'A Legacy of Dough'

📍: Olivo, Palm Hills

📅: Thu May 16th

Italian chef Franco Pepe will showcase his mastery of pizza-making and various flavour profiles at the upcoming 'A Legacy of Dough' dinner experience.

District 5 Dinner

📍: District 5, New Cairo

📅: Thu May 16th

Enjoy a delightful brunch experience in New Cairo featuring decadent cuisine by Egyptian chef Farah El Charkawy and Emirati chef Sahar Al Awadhi.

'Trading Flavors' Dinner

📍: Khufu's, Giza Pyramids

📅: Thu May 16th

Indulge in an elegant dining experience overlooking the Great Pyramids of Giza featuring a multicultural tasting menu by chefs José Avillez from Portugal, Himanshu Saini from the UAE, and Egypt's very own Mostafa Seif in this upcoming 'Trading Flavors' dinner experience.

'Tables of Cairo' Exhibition & Brunch Opening

📍: Consoleya, Downtown Cairo

📅: Fri May 17th

Cairo Food Week will shine a spotlight on Cairo's table artisans with an exhibition titled 'Tables of Cairo', curated by Staged, and a celebratory opening brunch featuring The Cookery Co.

'Taste of Tradition' Private Dinner

📍: Kodak Warehouse, Downtown Cairo

📅: Fri May 17th

Curated by Leopelle, the 'Taste of Tradition' private dinner experience will see Egyptian chef Karim Abdelrahamn serving a mouth-watering multiple-course menu on the final day of Cairo Food week.


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