Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Vietnamese Restaurant Crustacean Crawls to Jeddah This Summer

Beverly Hills’ favourite Vietnamese spot is set to open its doors to visitors on May 1st at the Yacht Club.

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Vietnamese Restaurant Crustacean Crawls to Jeddah This Summer

What makes crustaceans, as in crabs, lobsters and prawns, so much cooler than the rest of the animal kingdom? We found ourselves wondering as we heard about the upcoming opening of Beverly Hills’ favourite Vietnamese spot, Crustacean, in Jeddah.

Like its namesake, Crustacean is more than what visitors see at surface level. For instance, the restaurant is the result of years and years of work from the An family legacy. It was first founded by Vietnamese grandmother Diana An in 1971, and was then passed to daughter-in-law Helene An, who manages it alongside her five daughters. The House of An has come to represent a culinary empire rooted in Vietnamese tradition, with its most famous popular destination being the flagship Crustacean in California.

What is most exceptional about Crustacean, and likely where it got its name, is its nested kitchen design. Crustacean has two kitchens: one is the outer kitchen, where most of the food is prepared, and another is the secret kitchen, where only a select few can prepare dishes according to Chef An’s secret recipe. It is the core of the establishment, whereas the general kitchen acts as a protective shell.

Across both kitchens, the An recipe carries both tradition and modernity, fusing traditional Vietnamese cuisine with contemporary culinary concepts. Thanks to Cool Inc., the agency dedicated to monopolising cool destinations in Saudi Arabia, delicacies like grilled Vietnamese Satay, seared Tuna Tiato complete with Black Truffle Poke sauce, spicy Steamed Shrimp and Lobster Dumplings are soon to grace the Red Sea shoreline at Jeddah’s Yacht Club. For ultimate coolness, we’d recommend you look out for the House of An’s piece de resistance: An’s Famous Garlic Noodles™.

Crustacean is set to open its doors to visitors on May 1st at the Yacht Club.


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