Friday May 24th, 2024
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​​Urban Greening Project Underway in Riyadh’s Irqah Neighbourhood

The project calls for 24,000 trees to be planted, as well as the creation of 39 new parks.

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​​Urban Greening Project Underway in Riyadh’s Irqah Neighbourhood

The ‘greening project’ in Riyadh’s Irqah neighbourhood is now underway, continuing the wider Green Riyadh programme which has already seen thousands of trees planted in neighbourhoods including Al Aziziyah, Al Jazeera, Qurtuba and Al Nakheel. In Irqah, the project will include the planting of 24,000 trees and shrubs, chosen for their heat-tolerant properties.

The project also included the creation of 39 parks, and the ‘greening’ of eight schools, 54 mosques, four government buildings, 111 parking lots, and 69 kilometres of streets. Bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways will also be established between Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City and Wadi Hanifah.

Green Riyadh is one of four major projects related to Riyadh launched by King Salman in 2019, an initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In total, Green Riyadh will plant more than 7.5 million trees, covering 9.1% of the city. The amount of green space per capita will increase from 1.7 square metres to 28 - which is 16 times higher than before.


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