Monday May 27th, 2024
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Ministry of Supply: Sugar Crisis Will End Within Two Weeks

Minya’s Abu Qurqas factory is back in operation with the aim of producing 140,000 tonnes of sugar until August 2024.

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Ministry of Supply: Sugar Crisis Will End Within Two Weeks

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has announced that the sugar crisis is expected to end within the next two weeks, as sugar beet crops begin to be supplied to the Abu Qurqas sugar processing factory in the Minya Governorate. The new supply of nearly a million tonnes of beets will produce around 140,000 tonnes of sugar during the current season, which runs until August.

The influx of sugar into the market is expected to normalise sugar prices in Egypt within the next two weeks, following a period of price hikes and instability for the staple food product. Amongst other causes, one of the main factors for price hikes was the halting of production at the Abu Qurqas factory in early 2024 due to insufficient supplies of raw sugar cane material.

With the processing facility now back in operation, at least 70,000 tonnes of sugar will be produced there for internal trade within Egypt alone, alongside a further 70,000 tonnes slated for external trade.


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