Friday July 19th, 2024
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Local Game Brand 2oolameme Releases New ‘Tasali Games’ Collection

2oolameme’s new ‘Tasali Games’ bring fun-sized, well, fun for the whole family.

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Local Game Brand 2oolameme Releases New ‘Tasali Games’ Collection

The fatal flaw of board games, one that game cafés have spawned all over the country to combat, is that only a few minutes into the game, you get this incurable urge to switch. Board games, as their own connected universe, are all about family-and-friends fun, yet pledging allegiance and – more importantly – commitment to only one game an outing somehow manages to sour our fun with the stress of fidelity. This applies to the simple (and often not too exciting) classics, as well as the entertaining (and non-dorky) newcomers like 2oolameme’s.

To combat the rotational boredom that taints our enjoyment of board games, 2oolameme is launching ‘Tasali Games’ just in time for Eid. This latest drop by the local brand contains 5 mini-games that together create their own little tournament for families, friends and perhaps even foes.

As compact as a pack of gum (so compact you can fit them into the pockets of women’s jeans), the games are both conveniently carriable and distinctly diverse. Trivia game ‘Man Sayarbah El Meown’, charades-resemblant (but this one’s timed) ‘El Qonbela’ and detective-dedicated ‘System’ invite players to sharpen their survival skills, in order to emerge victorious and gain bragging rights until the next game night winner is crowned. As for ‘Man Qa’el’ (or ‘Who Said?’), it helps those of us with their ears to the ground (the ground being TikTok or old Egyptian cinema) come out on top. Finally, ‘Takhod Kam’ is for the business sharks but – and here’s the twist – the item of trade is, in this case, you.

To celebrate the launch of ‘Tasali Games’, 2oolameme held the ultimate launch event this past Thursday – a ‘Tasali Games’ Tournament at Cairo Festival City Mall’s Virgin Megastore. A day of testing skills, competing against loved ones and winning exclusive rewards, the event managed to convince those of us who are casual gamers, as well as those who fancy themselves seasoned pros, to impatiently await the next round of competitive board gaming, sponsored by 2oolameme.


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