Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Kynd.er Opens the First Drive-Thru Salon in Riyadh

Newly opened Kynd.er is serving up style in their manicure drive-thru.

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Kynd.er Opens the First Drive-Thru Salon in Riyadh

When the world’s first drive-thru restaurant opened in 1931, it probably caused quite a stir. Well, roll on up to Riyadh’s just-opened Kynd.er salon and get ready to roll those windows down, because this new salon is doing for nail art what that revolutionary restaurant did for burgers.

That’s right, you can now receive a fresh new coat of professional polish without setting foot inside a parlour with Kynd.er’s drive-thru manicure window. Is this madness? Genius? An introvert’s delight? A recipe for a banged elbow? A trip to Riyadh’s Kynd.er is likely the only way to find out (unless there’s another salon that offers drive-thru manicures, which we sort of doubt).

If the idea of getting your nails done from the comfort of your car sounds a little, well, uncomfortable, you can take a trip inside the store to get your nails done – and once you’re inside, you can also ask for lash treatments, pedicures, or even hot stone, deep tissue, of Swedish massages. This salon’s nail treatment options include classic, shellac classic, and quick fix manicures and pedicures, as well as options for nail art.


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