Monday May 27th, 2024
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Egyptian Parliament Approves Law Licensing Tuk-Tuks

Registration fees for a tuk-tuk will now be EGP 600, up from the previous licence cost of EGP 115.

Cairo Scene

Egyptian Parliament Approves Law Licensing Tuk-Tuks

In its latest move to control the rapid growth of tuk-tuk use across the country, the Egyptian parliament has approved a new amendment to traffic law, raising licence plate fees for registering a tuk-tuk from EGP 115 to EGP 600.

Whilst tuk-tuks have been permitted in certain areas, their unregulated growth has caused mixed reactions from many. They have already been banned in New Cairo. The new law, alongside improved vehicle number plate monitoring systems, aims to regulate their use, particularly making sure that only licensed drivers are able to drive vehicles registered in their name.

The government has also confirmed its plan to produce an alternative small means of transport, which could replace the tuk-tuk in servicing Egypt’s narrower thoroughfares. The locally-designed vehicle would use a combination of petrol and natural gas, serving those who need transport beyond main roads.


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