Thursday June 20th, 2024
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EGP 6.5 Billion Allocated to Ismailia's Citizen Investment Plan

333 projects have been announced in Ismailia, addressing gaps in education, infrastructure and healthcare.

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EGP 6.5 Billion Allocated to Ismailia's Citizen Investment Plan

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has announced the citizen investment plan for Ismailia for the fiscal year 2023/24, with 333 development projects totaling a combined investment of EGP 6.5 billion.

The initiative aims to empower citizens through informed participation in development decisions. Ismailia’s Suez Canal sector will receive the largest share of the funds at 45%, amounting to EGP 2.9 billion, followed by higher education (12%, EGP 793 million), healthcare (12%, EGP 773.2 million), local development (12%, EGP 754.6 million) and housing (5%, EGP 351.5 million).

The investment plan prioritizes infrastructure improvements, with allocations to road paving (EGP 222.4 million), electricity network upgrades (EGP 59 million), housing sector expansion, and enhancements in drinking water and sanitation services (EGP 223.5 million).

In addition to these investments, the national Haya Karima initiative is enhancing four villages in Ismailia, which will aid 30,000 villagers in total. This project includes the establishment of service areas, schools, health facilities, and water and sanitation infrastructure.


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