Monday May 27th, 2024
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EBRD Plans to Transform 6th October of City Into a Green City

The bank’s Green City Action Plan has already mobilised EUR 5 billion for green projects across the world.

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 EBRD Plans to Transform 6th October of City Into a Green City

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has revealed plans to transform 6th of October City into an eco-friendly green city, as part of its Green Cities Program. The plan will work to enhance urban development with environmentally-conscious augmentations, in line with the Egyptian government’s National Climate Change Strategy 2050.

The Green City Action Plan (GCAP) identifies 14 key projects across key sectors within 6th of October City, alongside 17 long-term strategies, which aim to transform the area into a leading city of sustainability, green investment and digital transformation in the country. Cairo and Alexandria are also included in the programme, among 50 other cities worldwide.

Through the GCAP, EUR 5 billion has already been mobilised from development funds and private investments to promote resilient, low-carbon futures for some of the world’s biggest cities, determining and tackling the most urgent environmental priorities in each area.


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