Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Zawya Cinema Revives ‘Khali Balak Min Zouzou’ & ‘Hob El Banat’

The classic Egyptian film screenings will be running on April 28th and the 29th.

Karim Moustafa

Zawya Cinema Revives ‘Khali Balak Min Zouzou’ & ‘Hob El Banat’

After a brief hiatus, Downtown Cairo’s film hub Zawya Cinema will treat cinephiles to a double dose of nostalgia with a screening of the iconic 2000s gem 'Hob El Banat' on April 28th, and the 1972 classic 'Khali Balak Min Zouzou' on April 29th.

Directed by Khaled El Hagar and starring Laila Eloui, Hanan Turk, and Hana Shiha, the film follows three half-sisters who are estranged from each other until their father's passing, altering their lives irrevocably. Confronted with grief, the sisters are forced to live together for one year, as per their father's will, in order to win their inheritance. 

'Khali Balak Min Zouzou, directed by Hassan El-Imam and starring Souad Hosny and Azza Sheriff, delves deep into the protagonist Zouzou's life, attending college as a student throughout the day and performing by night in her mom's belly dancing troupe. 

Both films will be showcased in Wust El Balad followed by other screenings such as the 2002 movie ‘City of God’, Miyazaki’s latest anime feature ‘The Boy and the Heron’, and 2024 drama ‘Civil War’. If you wish to attend any of these movies, head to Zawya Cinema’s website and reserve your spot now.


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