Friday April 12th, 2024
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New Comic Book Inspired by Actress Yosra El Lozy's Daughter

Inspired by her daughter, Egyptian actress Yosra El Lozy spotlights the stories of differently-abled children.

Farah Desouky

New Comic Book Inspired by Actress Yosra El Lozy's Daughter

As an actress and mother, Yosra El Lozy brings a personal touch to the discussion on diversity and representation in media. Her daughter, Daleela, inspired the creation of a new comic book titled ‘Lama Raqaset Daleela’ that puts the spotlight on children with hearing impairments.

In this book, the protagonist is a young girl diagnosed with the same hearing impairment that Daleela has. Through her story, audiences can see the world through her lens, making space in public media for people who were often sidelined from mainstream media, their conditions unseen and unheard.

El Lozy shared the news on Instagram, emphasizing the significance of showcasing the experiences of differently-abled individuals and encouraging children to understand each other’s perspectives. “It’s so important for children with different abilities to see themselves represented and to feel like equal members of society,” El Lozy wrote.

The author, Miranda Beshara, explained that when she spoke to Daleela about the most difficult aspect of her condition, Daleela expressed that communication with her friends, and understanding them and vice versa, was her biggest challenge. “The key message of ‘Lama Raqaset Daleela’ is to communicate with our hearts and find good friends who understand and love us just the way we are,” Beshara wrote on Instagram.

‘Lama Raqaset Daleela’ is illustrated by Tasneem Marghany and published by Marah Publishing House. The comic book is currently available at the Diwan Bookstore's wing of Cairo International Book Fair.


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