Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Asmaa Galal on Her Comedy Debut & Hit Ramadan Series 'Ashghal Sha'a'

Asmaa Galal takes us behind the scenes of her comedic turn in the Ramadan series ‘Ashghal Sha’a’.

Farah Desouky

Asmaa Galal on Her Comedy Debut & Hit Ramadan Series 'Ashghal Sha'a'

While she’s known for compelling roles in poignant social dramas that have moved millions to tears, Asmaa Galal takes a comedic turn this year. Portraying Yasmine, a new mother of twins married to Dr. Hamdy (Hesham Maged) in 'Ashghal Sha’a', Galal dives into her first comedy role.

The series features 15 episodes filled with the comical trials of parenthood and the challenges of finding the ideal babysitter, as suggested by its satirical title. Directed by Khaled Diab and penned by Shereen Diab and Khaled Diab, the show blends situational humour with an authentic portrayal of love and parenthood. Galal and Maged strike a delightful balance between comedy and heartfelt moments.

In this exclusive interview with CairoScene & El Fasla, Galal shares her initial apprehensions about exploring new genres, the dynamics on set, and whether she’s up for another comedy project.


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