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Styled Archives: Hakim’s Most Memorable Looks

With style to match his talent and charisma, Hakim captivated audiences on and off the stage.

Ibrahim Wael

Styled Archives: Hakim’s Most Memorable Looks

In the heart of Cairo, Hakim's music was a staple, echoing joyfully from cassette players across the city. A beloved artist, Hakim has sold over eleven million records and collaborated with legends like James Brown and Stevie Wonder. He was among a select group of artists, including Lionel Richie, Rihanna, and Simply Red, invited to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in November 2006, representing the Arab World.

Hakim's international presence is notable. He has shared stages with icons like Gloria Gaynor and James Brown at the World Peace Music Awards in the US and performed at major festivals such as the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival and the World Economic Forum in New York (2002) with Quincy Jones, Bono, and Lauryn Hill. His appearance at Radio City Music Hall alongside Elton John further showcased his global appeal.t.

At SceneStyled, we admire Hakim for both his musical talent and distinctive style. His use of vibrant prints and detailed embroidery, along with his diverse range of looks, has made him a fashion standout. In this Styled Archives feature, we explore some of Hakim’s most memorable outfits and moments, both on and off the stage, highlighting his influence in both Egyptian music and fashion.

Nobel Peace Prize Press Conference 

Oslo, Dec. 11, 2006

Hakim pulls up in a vintage brown leather jacket alongside superstars Lionel Richie and Sharon Stone. Flashing the peace sign at a press conference before the Oslo Peace Prize ceremony back in 2006.

Nobel Prize Ceremony 

Oslo, Dec. 11, 2006

Continuing a memorable night for the Egyptian singer, here he is in a buttoned down floral embroidered black shirt pictured with none other than Rihanna before his headline performance at the ceremony.

Cairo, Apr. 11, 2007 

Hakim striking a pose for a picture to promote his latest single ‘Tigi Tigi’. The deep green cap perfectly compliments the cargo pants and to tie it all together, Hakim dons a chunky chain and a dashing smile.

Cairo, Oct. 31, 2007

Where do we even begin with this photo? From the floral satin shirt to the fishnet trousers, Hakim decided to go all out for this shot taken for an interview to discuss the trajectory of his work (especially his Reggeton and Brazilian funk inspired album).

Nobel Prize Ceremony 

Oslo, Dec. 11, 2006

The headline performance for the Nobel Prize saw Hakim dazzle the crowd with an electric performance. But the real showstopper was the black leather pants and embroidered shirt combo coupled with the chunky Y2K belt. 

7 Eleven One World Jam 

New York, July 11, 2002

The red motorcycle jacket says it all really. Headlining the concert for global harmony, Hakim had to do it in style as always with studded boot cut jeans and sleek cowboy boots to complete the look.

Photographed at the Dome of the Rock 

Jerusalem, 1999

On a visit to Palestine, Hakim wore a ripple effect blue shirt which perfectly matched the backdrop. An iconic Hakim outfit wouldn’t be complete without a chunky belt, high waisted pants and sunglasses. 

Photographed with Essam Karika 

Cairo, Circa 1990s 

This throwback just shows how stylish Hakim has been over the years. Photographed alongside Essam Karika before their careers took off, Hakim is donning a slightly oversized double breasted cream suit that epitomizes the style of the decade. 

Davos Economic Conference 

New York, Jan. 29, 2002

Set to perform at the opening of the new Davos economic center in New York, Hakim is seen in a timeless black cardigan and an all black fit. He was alongside superstar Cheb Khaled as they and other celebrities performed at the opening ceremony.


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