Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Jude Benhalim Sweetens Up Valentine’s Day with Jessica Toutounji

A candy shop for your ears?

Mai El Mokadem

Jude Benhalim Sweetens Up Valentine’s Day with Jessica Toutounji

Manifesting the magic of love for the romantic season, Jude Benhalim, the Egyptian jewellery powerhouse, has launched their highly anticipated Multi-Way Candied Hoop Box in light of Valentine’s Day in collaboration with fashion influencer Jessica Toutounji. This playful and innovative set takes inspiration from everyone's sweet tooth, blending gold-plated hoops with delectable resin ones, all presented in a charming ‘chocolate box’ packaging.

Jessica revitalises the campaign in a mouth-watering photoshoot that deliciously blurs the lines between yummy treats and stunning jewellery. Just as irresistible as candy, the display of jewellery overflows with colour, matching the campaign’s vibrancy with Jessica’s plunging floral dress, ultimately screaming ‘dreamy romance’.

“Since our rebrand, we really wanted to encapsulate our values in our jewellery and along came the Multi-Way Candied Hoop Box! We found that the experience of choosing and customising your box really fostered a sense of power over one’s style – I’m excited to see all the combinations people come up with when styling these Candied Hoops,” Co-founder and Creative Director, Jude Benhalim, told SceneStyled.

Hot on the heels of their rebrand and new Arkan Plaza store opening, Jude Benhalim continues to raise the bar. The true star of the show, however, is the modular design of the Multi-Way Candied Hoop Box, which you can mix and match to create personalised looks with countless possibilities. The box features a pair of double-hoops as the centrepiece, joined by your choice of four singular hoops. These attach in the centre, creating triple-hoop earrings with an interchangeable middle.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The box can further be tailored to personal taste by selecting two out of six vibrant resin hoops, each bursting with colour and personality. Zesty sour lime, electric blueberry punch, rich cherry pie – the flavours extend beyond your taste buds to your ears and eyes! The Multi-Way Candied Hoop Box can also work as a unique gift, whether to someone or just to yourself (for spoiling purposes).


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