Friday April 12th, 2024
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Egyptian RTW Label MANZA Drops Post-Apocalyptic Uraeus Collection

The Uraeus Collection plays with dichotomies in this Matrix-Martian-reminiscent new drop.

Layan Adham Ismail

Egyptian RTW Label MANZA Drops Post-Apocalyptic Uraeus Collection

Out of a metallic collision of eccentric fashion and daring art, MANZA’s FW '23 drop, the Uraeus Collection, was born.

Taking its name from the ancient Egyptian serpentine symbol of sovereignty, the collection pays homage to our rich, immortal past, while rooting its creative direction in the AI-and-alien-led future. Their post-apocalyptic-chic aesthetic, which seeps into their modish photo shoot styling, seems to be the unlikely love child of The Matrix, Dune and what can only be described as Martian streetwear.

A visually contrasting interplay of shadow and light, the Uraeus Collection’s shoots are as artistic as they are fashion-forward. From the hairstyles to the bold threads with their outlandish cuts, every detail seems to have been curated to fit the “fashion of the future” brief, while tipping the proverbial hat to history.

The looks that make up this collection include skin-tight corsets with strategic cut-outs, ruffled metallic snake-skin skirts reminiscent of alien-mermaid couture and The-Matrix’s-Trinity-inspired sleek black jackets.

And just in case you're worried about finding your size, MANZA prides itself on being inclusive, offering designs that cater to all shapes.


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