Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Beirut-based Brand Hind Zeidan Launches Ramadan Abaya Collection

Say ‘marhaba’ to Ramadan with this dazzling collection of abayas!

Mai El Mokadem

Beirut-based Brand Hind Zeidan Launches Ramadan Abaya Collection

Known for its elegant and modern take on traditional designs, the Beirut-based brand Hind Zeidan has crafted a stunning selection of abayas specifically for the holy month, each sewn with sophistication and spiritual essence.

After gracing fashion shows like the Oriental Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week 2023 and being a couture queen, Lebanese founder Hind Zeidan didn’t just stop at fancy, sparkly gowns and fitted dresses. This Ramadan collection embodies the brand's signature style, seamlessly encompassing timeless elegance with luxurious fabrics like silk and satin, intricate embroidery and glittering rhinestones.

Simple yet speaking volumes, the flowing silhouettes are adorned with delicate details. The colour palette is rich and versatile, featuring classic shades like black, white and navy alongside jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue, and soft hues like lilac and baby blue.

The collection caters to a range of preferences, offering a variety of abaya styles to suit different tastes and body types, whether you prefer a minimalist look or one with more embellishments. From the effortlessly chic kaftan to the more structured closed abaya, there's something for every woman to feel confident and beautiful in.Beyond just creating stylish garments, Hind Zeidan imbues its designs with a sense of cultural significance. The Ramadan collection is a celebration of the holy month's traditions and values, providing women a way to express their faith and individuality through fashion.


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