Friday July 19th, 2024
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Select 250: Mixed by Eli Atala

Beirut-based DJ and producer Eli Atala brings his smooth, wholesome house selections to our series.

Scene Noise

Select 250: Mixed by Eli Atala

On this episode of Select, we have Beirut-based DJ and electronic music producer Eli Atala, who has dominated dancefloors in top clubs and festivals across the globe with his smooth joyful house mixes since the 90s.  The set opens with the washed-out voice of what seems like a TV presenter on a loop before unfurling into edgy deep house beats with mellow rumbling subs, locked grooves, and silky hit-hats peaking and retreating.

The set also features eclectic famous tunes like ‘This Is How We Roll’ by Galcher Lustwerk, ‘Make Me Feel’ by Fritz & Lang and more. Simply put, it’s a crisp, sweet, and light treat for one’s ears if you want some chill vibes on a Saturday night. 

Listen to the full set here: 


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