Friday June 14th, 2024
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Mousv - Red Bull Sada Sot Talks

The Egyptian rapper talks about his connection to his hometown of Ismailia, and his experience working on Red Bull’s ‘Sada Sot’.

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Mousv - Red Bull Sada Sot Talks

Through his unique train-of-thought lyrical style and diverse blend of influences, Egyptian rapper and Ismailia native MOUSV has cemented himself as one of the region’s most talented emcees, and has amassed a loyal fanbase along his rising career.

In Red Bulls’s Sada Sot, MOUSV goes back to his hometown of Ismailia to work with local musicians on a track that encapsulates the spirit of the city while making use of the traditional simsimiyya. In ‘Sada Sot Talks’, we caught up with the artist to dive deeper into the experience.

Here, MOUSV tells us how making music has brought him peace of mind, and improved his relationships with others, as finding meaning in the art-form has made him a more forgiving person. He also tells us about the first time he got paid in music, buying a pair of shoes that he still keeps tucked away with the money, and about Essam Saasa’s music taking over his playlist this year.

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