Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Meet the New Emel Mathlouthi on 'Lose My Mind' Ft. Nayomi

Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi collaborates with Iraqi rapper Nayomi in a new single ‘Lose my Mind’.

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Meet the New Emel Mathlouthi on 'Lose My Mind' Ft. Nayomi

Tunisian singer and producer Emel Mathlouthi makes a triumphant comeback with her latest single, 'Lose My Mind', signaling a significant evolution in her musical identity. Embracing the realm of electronic production, she deftly interweaves it with North African sonic influences, underscoring a dynamic shift in her distinct sound.

Since her emergence in the early part of the last decade, Emel Mathlouthi has consistently been a driving force in the Arabic music scene, gaining acclaim for her penchant for experimentation and evolution. Her ongoing commitment to transforming her sound has firmly established her as a perpetually innovative musician.

In this particular track, Emel collaborates with Iraqi rapper Nayomi, crafting a genre-defying track that showcases the talent of both artists. The song unfolds with an intriguing bassline, establishing the groundwork for a captivatingly dark atmosphere that anticipates the entrance of Emel's voice into the sonic landscape. Her melodious and commanding vocals gracefully fade in, gradually ascending and harmonizing with these African rhythms.

As the bridge approaches, Emel's voice crescendos to its peak, echoing the poignant refrain, "I think I lose my mind," laying the foundation for Nayoumi to make a powerful entrance in the second half of the track. Nayomi skillfully throws her bars, delivering a meticulously crafted verse over Bedouin percussion, adding to the richness of the track. Emel returns with her sweet humming, adding a touch of ethereal allure, before reprising the refrain with her commanding vocals and profound lyrics.


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