Monday April 22nd, 2024
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200 Shams Drops Retro-Pop Single ‘Leely Tweel’

Egyptian singer and producer 200 Shams unveils his latest single ‘Leely Tweel’, paying homage to late 80s pop.

Omar Ghonem

200 Shams Drops Retro-Pop Single ‘Leely Tweel’

Released through his own label '1800 Volt', Egyptian singer, songwriter and producer 200 Shams unveils his latest single, 'Leely Tweel'.

The instrumentation pays homage to the classic pop and shaaby of the late 80s, reminiscent of Hamid Al Shaeri works. Featuring subtle Tabla beats and percussions accompanied by groovy basslines and surrounding sonic elements, the two-minute track is initiated by a spoken-word sample, presumably from a recording session. 200 Shams creates a fusion of ambient sounds and synth inserts that give the track a unique vibe, evoking a sensation of being transported back in time. The production exudes an authentic retro-shaaby vibe, further emphasized by Shams' swingy vocals repeating the refrain “Ana Leely Tweel” throughout the song.

Within the Egyptian electronic producer scene, 200 Shams has carved out a name for himself by collaborating with artists from various backgrounds, releasing a multitude of EPs, scoring films, and being featured on the Red Bull Sika series, becoming more than just a 'prod by' credit in the process.


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