Monday May 27th, 2024
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Baghdad Reimagined: A Tribute to Cultural Heritage Through AI

Architectural designer Samar Al Safi looks back at Baghdad’s rich heritage.

Karim Abdullatif

Baghdad Reimagined: A Tribute to Cultural Heritage Through AI

As an architect deeply rooted in the heart of Baghdad, Samar Al Safi infuses her AI-generated imagery with a profound reverence for the city’s rich heritage and cultural significance. Drawing from her personal connection to Baghdad’s vibrant streets and historic landmarks, Al Safi embarks on a journey of imagination and creativity, guided by a deep appreciation for the architectural marvels that define her homeland.

In her quest to celebrate Baghdad’s architectural legacy, Al Safi meticulously weaves together elements from across Iraq, paying homage to ancient Mesopotamian ziggurats, the iconic Malwiya minaret of Samarra, and the vibrant blue hues reminiscent of the legendary Ishtar Gate. By blending these elements with the dynamic energy of Baghdad’s bustling streetscapes, she crafts a visual narrative that transports viewers to a timeless realm where past and present converge.

Utilising the visualisation power of MidJourney’s AI technology, Al Safi breathes life into her visions, guiding the digital brush with a detailed prompt that captures the essence of her imagination. The resulting images offer a mesmerising glimpse into a Baghdad that never fell - a city adorned with majestic domes, intricate mosaics, and bustling markets teeming with life.

For Al Safi, the experience of witnessing her creations come to life was profound. Each image stirs a deep sense of contemplation, evoking a complex mix of emotions - hope for what could have been, admiration for Baghdad’s untapped potential, and a nostalgic yearning for paths not taken.


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