Thursday June 20th, 2024
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The Lemon Tree & Co. Is Opening a New Branch in Greece

The infamous Egyptian dining destination is putting down roots somewhere entirely novel this summer.

Layla Raik

The Lemon Tree & Co. Is Opening a New Branch in Greece

“Greece, and especially Athens, has recently become the new destination many Egyptians flock to at the mention of vacation. It’s, of course, a beautiful place, and it has become very close to our hearts.”

When we heard that The Lemon Tree & Co. is expanding to Greece this summer, we stopped dead in our tracks, and reread that sentence about three times. You mean to tell us non-Egyptians are going to get to enjoy the gnocchi pasta and wild mushroom orzo too? Without understanding the cultural impact of lemon tree dates? We’re getting a little overprotective here.

Half-swayed by the fact that The Lemon Tree & Co.’s cuisine is, after all, Mediterranean, and the other half swayed by sheer pride, our grudges turned to curiosity.

“We’re really excited about this new venture because Lemon Tree has always been about exploring what nature offers,” stories The Lemon Tree & Co. 's co-founder and head chef Mirette Aly. “Greece is entirely new terrain for us to explore the roots of the Lemon Tree.”

“My excitement is multiplied by 1000 as the chef,” continues Aly, “the produce there is on another level.”

A fusion of nature and art wherever it goes, we’re excited to see how the Lemon Tree blossoms on the coast of Athens, in beautiful cosmopolitan Voula.


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