Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Warraq Island to be Developed into ‘Integrated Urban Community’

The project looks to establish youth centres and educational facilities, as well as 94 residential towers.

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Warraq Island to be Developed into ‘Integrated Urban Community’

Cairo’s Warraq Island will be developed into an ‘integrated urban community’, according to Counselor Mohammed Al Homsani, spokesperson for the Council of Ministers, who recently announced new details for the redevelopment.

According to Al Homsani, the government is aiming to improve unsafe or unplanned urban areas, providing them with services that contribute to the lives of its citizens. In the case of Warraq Island, the project includes the implementation of integrated services across the area, establishing youth centres and educational facilities amongst the 94 residential towers planned for the neighbourhood.

Al Homsani also clarified that the development process is now in full swing, providing compensation to displaced citizens in addition to providing housing units to those who wish to remain on the island as the area is renewed and redesigned.


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