Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Riyadh Hosts Jumping & Dressage World Cup Finals Starting April 17th

Riders and horses alike will tackle 1.6 metre-high obstacles, or dance around a stadium with extreme control and finesse.

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Riyadh Hosts Jumping & Dressage World Cup Finals Starting April 17th

Saudi Arabia’s capital is set to host the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) World Cup Finals later this April, the first time that the competition has taken place in the Middle East. Both Jumping and Dressage tournaments will take place between April 17th and the 20th at Riyadh’s International Convention and Exhibition Centre, welcoming the world’s best riders and horses from the two categories.

Jumping and Dressage competitions, in some ways diametrically opposed, each require their own set of skills from both rider and horse. The jumping tournament will see beasts flying over 1.6 metre-high obstacles, pitching around tight turns in order to tackle each jump in the correct order. At points, the meticulous control gives way to raw speed, reaching up to 50 km/h whilst bearing down on the next challenging obstacle.

The intensity of Jumping is matched by the tension of Dressage, where every move is assessed by a team of judges, assessing how obedient, controlled, and confident the pairing of horse and rider is. Set to music, the ‘horse dance’ is a chance to show off levels of finesse and control over animals that are often thought of purely for their strength and speed.

For more details on the event, and information on tickets, check out the FEI World Cup website, or head to Ticketmaster.


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