Thursday June 20th, 2024
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New Government Data & Computing Centre Inaugurated on Ain Sokhna Road

The new facility is the first of its kind in North Africa, purpose-built to analyse and process big data.

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New Government Data & Computing Centre Inaugurated on Ain Sokhna Road

A new Government Data and Cloud Computing Centre on Ain Sokhna Road has been inaugurated by President Sisi, making it the first purpose-built facility designed to analyse and process big data and artificial intelligence in North Africa.

The centre will process data from the Egypt Digital Platform, launched in 2022, which is home to 130 integrated online services for a variety of ministries. It will also facilitate local storage of data, which previously was kept abroad in exchange for high fees.

Another central utility of the facility will be to process artificial intelligence data, as the sector continues to undergo exponential growth both regionally and globally. Additionally, the centre serves as an active alternative to the New Capital Data Centre, which has already been established to use cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence to analyse government data.

Since 2022, Egypt has recorded the fastest fixed internet speed in Africa, whilst doubling the number of mobile phone towers in the same period. The country continues to serve as a major data transfer point for global communications due to its strategic location, straddling the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and connecting Africa with Asia and Europe.

The establishment of the new data centre is the next step for a country that already plays a significant role in global communications - an estimated 17% of the world’s internet traffic travels along cables which pass through Egypt between the two aforementioned seas.


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