Friday June 14th, 2024
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Goethe-Institut Cairo Opens Grant Applications for Artists From Gaza

This initiative will provide financial support and career opportunities for 10 Palestinian creatives.

Cairo Scene

Goethe-Institut Cairo Opens Grant Applications for Artists From Gaza

The Goethe-Institut has launched a program to support Palestinian creatives who have been forced to resettle in Cairo by the assault on Gaza. Their new initiative, the Gaza Artists Forum, will provide a platform for displaced Palestinians to show their work, access psychological support, and network with Egyptian artists and cultural workers. In addition, this initiative will provide 10 Palestinian artists with the opportunity to participate in a six-month grant programme to support them and their work.

In a statement introducing this new initiative, the Goethe-Institut Cairo stressed the importance of empowering the voices of displaced Palestinians and providing platforms for them to communicate their experiences and stay connected to their heritage.

Applications for Palestinian artists to participate in this program are now open, and will close on May 20th, at 11:55 PM. This program is open to artists of all disciplines who arrived in Cairo after November 16th, 2023. Those who hope to participate in the program must stay in Cairo for the duration of the program, from June 15th to December 14th, 2024.


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