Saturday May 18th, 2024
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EGP 82.7 Billion Allocated for 586 Projects in Giza Throughout 2024

42% of the funds will go to transport projects, and 39% to housing, with a further 7% allocated to higher education.

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EGP 82.7 Billion Allocated for 586 Projects in Giza Throughout 2024

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has allocated EGP 82.7 billion for projects in the Giza governorate during the current 2023/24 fiscal year, as it continues to push towards the goals set by the government’s Vision 2030 plan. The allocation of funds represents an 8.8% increase from the 2022/23 fiscal year, with additional expenditure in the transport and housing sectors.

Of the total EGP 82.7 billion, 42% is dedicated to transport, 39% to housing, and 7% to higher education, receiving EGP 35 billion, EGP 32 billion, and EGP 5.6 billion respectively. Also included in the development plans are projects in the antiquities and pre-university education sectors.

The development plan also includes 121 housing services projects, particularly on providing drinking water and sanitation services, as well as 55 higher education projects. As part of Giza’s 2023/24 Citizens’ Plan, the illiteracy rate is intended to drop to 20.9%, whilst women’s participation in the labour force is hoped to increase to 15.22%.


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