Friday May 24th, 2024
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Saudi Freediver Salma Shaker Explores Marine Conservation in New Film

‘Beneath the Surface: The Fight for Corals’ showcases the beauty of the world’s reefs – and the struggle to save them.

Catherine Johnson

Saudi Freediver Salma Shaker Explores Marine Conservation in New Film

This Earth Day, Red Sea Global and Warner Bros. Discovery are giving us a peek into the world of reef preservation with their new film, ‘Beneath the Surface: The Fight for Corals’. This documentary follows Salma Shaker, Saudi Arabia’s nine-time national freediving champion, as she explores the cutting-edge research that could save these critical ecosystems.

Coral reefs play an important role in environmental protection. Not only do they support 25% of marine species, but they also help protect the coastline from storms and flooding. Unfortunately, climate change has made these critical ecosystems one of the most endangered habitats in the world.

This new film, which was produced by BAFTA-winning production company Park Village and directed by BAFTA award-nominated Ian Derry, strikes a balance between celebrating these natural wonders and shedding light on the dangers they face. This documentary takes viewers to vibrant reefs found along the coastlines of Saudi Arabia and Mexico in a stunning adventure that captures the beauty of these natural marvels. It also takes viewers behind the scenes of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and Red Sea Global’s efforts to protect these ecosystems.

"Our scientists are using innovative techniques to protect, nourish, and restore our corals, while also transferring knowledge to support coral reefs worldwide,” said John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global, an environmentally conscious, PIF-owned development company. “In 'Beneath the Surface: The Fight for Corals,' we aim to spotlight the beauty and vulnerability of these underwater wonders and emphasise the importance of global collaboration in preserving our oceans."

Those involved in the film hope that raising awareness about the plight of coral reefs will inspire its audiences to be more environmentally aware.

“We want our viewers to understand that they can make a difference in the world and be part of the solution in tackling environmental and climate issues and I hope this film will inspire our audiences to do something extra for a better tomorrow,” said Edina Constantinescu, Warner Bros. Senior Director Marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

‘Beneath the Surface’ will air on Discovery Channel and Jawwy TV on Earth Day, April 22nd.


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