Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Saudi Fantasy Novel ‘Crossing Thoughts’ Will Be Adapted Into Manga

The project is part of Manga Arabia’s initiative to showcase Saudi literature and culture worldwide.

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Saudi Fantasy Novel ‘Crossing Thoughts’ Will Be Adapted Into Manga

Sultan Ayaz’s ‘Crossing Thoughts’, an English-language fantasy novel published, will be adapted into a manga-style graphic novel.

The fantasy/drama novel follows a group of humans defending their lands against the oppression of demons, by using elemental magic and swordplay. In 2020, Sultan Ayaz became one of the first Saudi novelists to have a fiction work published internationally when British publishing house, Olympia Publishers, acquired the rights to publish ‘Crossing Thoughts’.

The project is part of a larger initiative between the Saudi Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission and Manga Arabia to enhance the Kingdom’s publishing sector and showcase the Saudi cultural heritage and literature worldwide. Earlier this year, Manga Arabia tapped a number of Saudi authors to adapt their novels into comics, including Ashraf Al-Faqih’s ‘Drawing Nothingness’, Kendah Jambi’s ‘The Voyagers, Al-Jawhara Al-Rimal’s ‘The Awsaj’, and Ghada Al-Marzouqi’s ‘I Live My Memories Upside Down’.


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